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Jenn Stevens

Hey Starshine!

I'm Jenn: Bestselling Author | Spiritual Life + Business Coach | Creator of The Aligned Life + The Manifest Podcast

Welcome to The Manifest Podcast!

A few years ago, I experienced a huge loss. I went from being married, living in a luxury loft apartment and owning a business with my then-husband to losing it all and moving into my parents’ basement.

It was the lowest point of my life and I was absolutely miserable.

But, in the end, that darkness ended up being my biggest blessing.

Like so many others, it took me losing everything to find my way back to my own authenticity and power.

Today, I’m a bestselling author and coach, living the exciting expat life in Berlin, Germany and helping thousands of people around the world create their best lives, every single day.

On this podcast, I spill all my best tips for healing your past, increasing your worth and reprogramming your mindset so you can manifest the life of your dreams too.

Welcome dear Conscious Creator! I’m so happy to have you here.