Episode 49: Getting Started As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Episode 49: Getting Started As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Episode #49: Getting Started As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you an aspiring coach, healer, or service provider? Know you want to serve your people but you’re having problems getting started?

Today I’m sharing my best advice for spiritual entrepreneurs (as well as a few of my own failures) so you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and get aligned with what’s actually important.

However, even if you’re not an entrepreneur this is great inspiration for everyone and a reminder of why mindset is so important!

In This Episode:

+ Learn more about my entrepreneurial journey & some of the mistakes I made (so you can avoid them)

+ Stop feeling confused & unsure as a new spiritual entrepreneur

+ The most simple equation to create success in your business fast

+ Much more!

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About Jenn Stevens:

A few years ago, I hit my rock-bottom. I lost my partner, my business and my home overnight, and ended up living in my parents basement.

It was my lowest moment–but one that ultimately reunited me with my own power and potential as a Conscious Creator.

These days, I’m a Bestselling Author and Spiritual Life & Business Coach living my dream life, in Berlin, Germany.

Shifting my mindset transformed my world! And now I’m here to help you to the same.

The Aligned Life is where I help thousands of smart people (just like you!) ditch their fears & limitations so they can manifest their dream life & business.

Welcome dear Conscious Creator! I’m so happy to have you here.

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Episode 49: Getting Started As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Published on May 21, 2021