Episode 48: How Can I Become More Confident?

Episode 48: Ask A Coach: How Can I Become More Confident?

Episode #48 | Ask A Coach: How Can I Become More Confident?

Are you wishing you were more confident? Do you think that confidence is just something you are born with?

You’re not alone my friend! In fact, confidence is something I struggled with for years. But the good news is that confidence isn’t just something you’re born with.

It’s actually something you can create and today I’m sharing a lesson on how you can start creating more confidence starting right now!

In This Episode:

+ Stop wishing for confidence and get inspired to CREATE it!

+ How confidence is important for happiness & manifestation

+ Find out the one thing that will boost your confidence, no matter what else is happening in your life

+ Much more!

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About Jenn Stevens:

A few years ago, I hit my rock-bottom. I lost my partner, my business and my home overnight, and ended up living in my parents basement.

It was my lowest moment–but one that ultimately reunited me with my own power and potential as a Conscious Creator.

These days, I’m a Bestselling Author and Spiritual Life & Business Coach living my dream life, in Berlin, Germany.

Shifting my mindset transformed my world! And now I’m here to help you to the same.

The Aligned Life is where I help thousands of smart people (just like you!) ditch their fears & limitations so they can manifest their dream life & business.

Welcome dear Conscious Creator! I’m so happy to have you here.

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Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: How Can I Become More Confident?

Published on May 14, 2021