Episode 36: Recode Your Childhood Media Diet

Jenn Stevens with text Episode #36: Recode Your Childhood Media Diet! Did Your Favorites Hurt You?

Episode #36: Recode Your Childhood Media Diet! Did Your Favorites Hurt You?

Did your childhood favorite movies hurt you?

Sounds like a weird question, right? But think about it:

Our subconscious mind is particularly susceptible to outside influence as children, especially to the things we take in over and over again (like children do).

And even though your favorite movies might not have meant to teach you things about money, love or the world at large, you definitely took in some of those messages as if they were reality.

Part of being a Conscious Creator is getting curious about all the various ideas in our mind so we can do the work to heal, recode and ultimately surpass these potentially harmful ideas.

So in this week’s training I’m explaining in more detail how this all works and giving you some juicy homework to get you curious about what you might have learned (without even realizing it!).

This is must-know stuff for your happiness so dive in:

In This Episode:

+ Understand why we’re so susceptible to external messages as children

+ Get some (funny!) examples of movies that I watched & the potential negative ideas I got from them

+ Get a simple homework exercise to get you curious about your own childhood media diet! (The first step in healing it!)

+ Much more!

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Published on February 19, 2021