Episode 31: A Lesson On Small T-Trauma

Episode #31: A Lesson On Small-T Trauma

Episode #31: A Lesson On Small-T Trauma

Our childhood experiences inform so much of our adulthood. Let’s face it: not everything that we experienced was sunshine and roses!

Limiting beliefs can form from a number of things but what I call Small-T Trauma is a big contributor.

This week I’m sharing an example that was recently made public to the world (Bean Dad!) as a way of talking about this kind of trauma, in the hopes that we can understand our own and give ourselves the chance to heal.  

In This Episode:

+ A brief explanation of the internet drama of Bean Dad

+ An illustration about how limiting beliefs can be formed by small-t traumatic events & why this happens to everyone

+ Why it’s important to consider these moments in your own childhood (so you can heal them)

+ Much more!

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Published on January 15, 2021